Boaters must use caution to avoid E-15 fuel


Red Wing, MN – As we move deeper into the summer months, boaters are once again cautioned to be alert to avoid using E-15 fuel in marine engines of all types.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency waived provisions in the Clean Air Act which opened the door for year round sales of Ethanol based fuels. Prior to this change, sales of ethanol based fuels were blacked out during summer months. Allowing year round sales has created summer availability of these fuels which are known to cause corrosion and other damage to small engines, including outboard motors. Two stroke engines run hotter on an ethanol blend which can accelerate potential damage. It may also create issues with fiberglass fuel tanks like those contained in older boats. Boaters should be aware that use of these fuels in marine engines is not only a violation of Federal law, but will also void most marine engine warranties. See other story for more information.