The average US boat is taken out onto the water just over 11 days a year. Yet owners pay for maintenance, dock or storage fees, and other expenses for all 365 days.
Savvy owners let their boats work for them and list with Boatsetter, the nation’s leading online peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace. It offsets the expense of owning a boat and can generate serious money. It’s so lucrative, last year the average owner made over $4,600 in rental income.
It’s not only for current owners. Many are using Boatsetter to subsidize the purchase of their first boat and even upgrade to a larger, more luxurious model. It can become so profitable, some entrepreneurial types are developing small rental fleets to maximize their income.
Boatsetter gets it: it’s not easy to let go. That’s why it places such an emphasis on safety and compliance. Owners have complete control over the rental price, days and times their boats are available and who can rent them. If the vessel is more than the average person can manage, expert USCGlicensed captains are available for hire by the renter to take the helm. And if the renter shows up and things don’t quite add up, the boat stays in its slip.
Once on the water, all eligible rentals are covered by best-inclass hull and liability protection and 24/7 on-water service. It remains the responsibility of the owner and the renter to ensure that all necessary and desired insurance coverage is in place for each rental.
Listing a boat is free and easy. After a profile is set up with some basic information and a few good photos, owners connect with pre-screened renters through the website or mobile app. Around-the-clock support is always available.
Contact Boatsetter, 200 SW 1st Ave, Ste 950, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. julien@boatsetter.com; www. boatsetter.com.
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