Inexpensive protection for propeller blades and shins


It’s a toss-up as to which hurts more: a dinged shin or the bill from a propeller repair shop. Both are easily avoided with Davis Instruments’ patented Prop Sox. It’s an inexpensive set of three slip-on covers that protect most size sterndrive and outboard blades from road debris when towing, and people’s legs if accidentally walked into.

Prop Sox are hard to miss. Made from durable, bright orange molded plastic, they have reflector hot-dots for maximum visibility that help prevent rear-end vehicular accidents. Using them whenever the boat is on a trailer protects the blades from dings and dents. Because of Prop Sox’s color, adults see and avoid them. When children are around, they safeguard small, curious fingers from sharp blade edges—especially if trying to spin the propeller.

Installing Prop Sox could hardly be easier or faster. Slipped over each blade with the reflector facing out, they’re secured with a single cinch strap. A set of three Davis Prop Sox with cinch strap costs $9.99. Boat owners with two-blade propellers use the extra as a spare.

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