Offshore, Few VHF Antennas Perform Like a Glomex


VHF is still the most common means to communicate on the water, especially offshore. But a radio’s effectiveness is dependent largely on the quality of its antenna. The RA1225HP 8’ Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna from Glomex Marine Antennas is a step above all comers. Engineered for maximum long-range reception and transmission, it boasts a robust construction that ensures years of trouble-free service and is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The RA1225HP has a frequency range of 156/162 MHz with a gain average of 6dB. With a maximum input power of 100W and 50 ohms impedance, it’s vertically polarized to minimize signal reflection on water.

The internal elements of the collinear-phased RA1225HP are made of spiral copper wires inserted into brass radiator tubes. This provides the power, clarity and range that Glomex antennas are known for.Everything about the 1.6 lb. RA1225HP 8’ Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna is built to last. The double-thickness fiberglass tube has five layers of UV-resistant anti-yellowing paint and a rubber glue protection collar. The 1” ferrule is cast, electro-polished 316 stainless steel with an integrated feed-thru. With a DC ground, it comes with 20’ of RG-8X low loss twin screen coax cable with a pre-wired FME connector and PL-259 adaptor for simple connection. It retails for $185.

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