Auckland, New Zealand – FUSION®, a worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, announced today an agreement with Sea Ray. Fusion will supply as standard-fit, audio products for Sea Ray’s platforms, from sport boats to yachts.

As part of the deal, FUSION will supply a wide range of products to Sea Ray’s sport boats and sport cruisers, including the all new Apollo Series MS-RA770 and MS-SRX400 and MS-RA70N, to name a few. All Sea Ray yacht installations, and many sport yacht models, will feature FUSION’s flagship one-piece glass touchscreen MS-RA770 head unit with built-in Wi-Fi streaming, paired to industry-leading Signature Series speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers.

“We produce more than 40 different models ranging from 19 to 65 feet, each tailored to meet the needs of a unique type of boater,” said Kevin Reilly, director of product portfolio and customer service, Sea Ray Sport Boats and Sport Cruisers. “Every Sea Ray is built with commitment to quality, craftsmanship and excellence throughout, and we rely on our partners to supply us with the finest components to provide the best possible boating experience for our owners. FUSION sound systems are integral to this experience.”

“By leveraging the complete line up of premium Fusion Apollo source units, Signature speakers and amplifiers, Sea Ray will have a complete system of components designed to provide the ultimate listening experience for our Sport Yacht and L Class owners,” said Ron Berman, vice president of product portfolio, Sea Ray Sport Yachts and Yachts.

“We are proud to offer our innovative audio solutions to Sea Ray’s discerning clientele,” said Chris Baird, managing director of FUSION Entertainment. “Following comprehensive tests of today’s marine entertainment options, they have confirmed that FUSION’s products lead the category in performance and offer unparalleled features like our FUSION-Link™, smart phone and tablet interfaces. Our new Apollo series was what really caught Sea Ray’s imagination and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

FUSION, the leader in lifestyle entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time, whether on the water or on the road. FUSION, owned by GARMIN, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at GARMIN’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

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