With Glomex, TV On A Boat Is Easy


Whether catching a weather update or watching the game, viewing TV on the water is increasingly common. Glomex Marine Antennas USA makes connecting easy with its line of DVB-T2 Full HD Omni-directional TV Antennas. They feature an exclusive automatic gain control amplifier for optimal, trouble-free signal reception and a crystal-clear picture, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Unlike some marine antennas that require manual adjustment of the amplifier every time it’s used, Glomex’s automatic gain control makes it as simple as turning on the TV. It instantly corrects for strong or weak signals—something that’s common on the water. The amplifier is small, too, so it’s easily hidden inside the boat, requiring only a 12-24VDC power source.

Ideal for any sized vessel, Glomex omni-directional antennas are built for tomorrow’s technology. They have integrated shark fin antennas for future, vertically polarized TV broadcasts and additional channel spacing capabilities. A built-in LTE filter minimizes signal interference. They support two televisions, or one TV and one FM receiver with an optional TV/FM cable. A video is at bit.ly/2F3ifkT.

Only quality components and materials are used for worry-free operation. The durable, aerodynamic radome is UV-resistant and all parts are built to withstand the rigors of a marine environment. They’re easy to install and Glomex boasts a wide range of mounting options.

Glomex offers four models. All operate at 75 Ohms and have a frequency range of 40/890 MHz. The 14” Nashira has a 24 dB gain average; the 14” Adhara has a 36 dB gain average; the 10” Talitha has a 26 dB gain average; and the 10” Altair has a 27.5 dB gain average. All draw a mere 20mA and are powered by 12-24VDC. The Adhara accommodates up to six TVs and comes with a universal mount.

Glomex DVB-T2 TV Full HD Omnidirectional Antennas come with 66’ of coax cable, a 5’ amplifier to TV cord and a gold-plated connector. Prices start at $132.

For over 30 years, Glomex has led marine antenna technology and innovation. Its quality products are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Contact Glomex Marine Antennas USA, Corp., 18 Bridge St., Ste. 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 305-497-2681. info@glomex.us, www.glomex.us.