What should you expect from your boat broker?


Your boat broker or yacht broker is undoubtedly a professional who has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve the best results in selling your boat or assisting you in the acquisition of the boat of your dreams.

As a selling agent, your boat broker is an objective advisor who can appraise your boat and establish the appropriate asking price with you. His knowledge of the boat market allows him to correctly position and promote your boat to prospective buyers. Through his network and contacts, a competent broker will maximize the exposure of your boat, follow up on qualified buyers and keep you informed in the process of selling your boat.

As a buying agent, a boat broker has the available resources to find you a boat that respects both your budget and your requirements. He can help you to negotiate a better price, find and coordinate a marine expert for survey and sea trials and prepare your purchase agreement with a clear title and documentation.

Insufficient time and a lack of technical knowledge are often major obstacles for boaters selling or buying a boat. A competent boat broker will save you time, effort and stress by guiding you objectively and professionally. For these reasons, he is more than an intermediate or agent… he is a person of confidence!