Five apps to download before you set sail


Before you embark on your next nautical adventure, take a minute to check out these five incredibly useful apps that could vastly improve your time on the water:

1. i-Boating

The i-Boating app gives you access to full nautical maps that include details on littorals, docks and ports, freshwater lakes, interior rivers, navigational obstacles and buoys. It’s GPS-enabled and offers spoken navigational assistance. You can also refer to it for information on currents, tides and weather forecasts, among other bits of valuable data.

2. Navionics Boating

This app provides nautical maps featuring dock locations, navigational aids and information on tides and currents. It also helps boaters stay clear of shallow waters and find fishing hotspots thanks to SonarChart, an HD bathymetry map with detailed real-time updates on bottom depths. One feature that sets it apart from the competition is its social aspect: users can share information such as the location of shipwrecks or navigational hazards with other boaters.

3. Knots 3D

Learn (or relearn) how to tie more than 120 knots thanks to step-by-step animated instructions. Not only does this app let you see the knots in full 3D detail, but it also shares secrets about their origins. It’s the perfect way to pass the time on long trips!

4. Boat Manager

Boat Manager is your new captain’s log. This well-rounded app lets you keep track of all the details surrounding your boating activities, from fuel consumption to equipment maintenance.

5. Windfinder

Particularly useful for sailboat owners, this handy app provides precise, real-time data on weather and wind conditions.