Ahoy! In search of a pleasure craft upon which to set sail in style? Read on for some help finding a boat that matches your personality.


Boating, in your book, goes hand in hand with adventure and excitement. Just like the famous Captain Haddock, you spend most of your time on land, but you’re eager to seize every opportunity to set off toward new — mostly nearby — waters. For such weekend trips, you’d like to be able to sleep aboard your boat, perhaps in the company of a few friends.

The boat you need: A CRUISER. Comfortable and spacious, this type of vessel allows captains such as yourself to bring along family and friends whenever strikes the need to set sail, whether for an afternoon or a couple of days.

Captain PARTY

Like the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, you know how to party. Surrounded by your mateys, you prefer to eat, dance and drink rather than keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the waves. For you, a day out on the water is more about the music and the company than it is about navigational prowess.

Your perfect pleasure craft: A PONTOON. With its practical booth-style seating, spacious decks and smooth ride, it’s ideal for partying the summer away along your favorite waterways.


When you picture yourself at the helm of your future boat, the scene is decidedly Miami Vice-esque. Always ready to let your hair flow with the wind, you’re not afraid of pushing engines to their limit, and you love travelling long distances at breakneck speeds. Boating, for you, is a pastime best suited for nautical-minded thrill-seekers in need of a refreshing adrenaline rush.

Your ideal boat: A HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPEEDBOAT. It’ll let you go farther, faster — and it’s always a thrill to drive.

Captain LUXURY

In your mind, your boat is your most prized possession. Just like the eccentric Captain Donald Duck, you’re looking for something spacious, comfortable and, most of all, refined. In a nutshell: you want to be able to shower yourself and your crew in luxury every time you raise your anchor.

Your best boat bet: A FLYBRIDGE YACHT. This towering sea titan will probably put a sizeable dent in your pocketbook, but it could easily become your new home away from home.


Thirsty for adventure, you dream of exploring the world, Christopher Columbus style. The endless open sea fascinates you, and the simple sound of crashing waves is enough to transport you to faraway lands. Boating, for you, is more than a passion: it’s a lifestyle — one that you believe is best savoured slowly, far from the pressures of the concrete jungle.

The boat of your dreams: A SAILBOAT. While it’s no easy task to harness the power of the wind to get you where you want to go, learning how to sail is incredibly rewarding for anyone wishing to set off on an authentic nautical adventure.