These days the word “innovative” gets thrown around a lot, to the point where maybe we’re all a little suspicious when we hear it. Can a mouthwash really be innovative? Can a chicken sandwich? It’s not that innovation itself has lost its value; it’s just that everyone wants to claim a piece of it. For the term to hold weight, it has to mean more than simply new for new’s sake—“latest and greatest” only counts when “greatest” is actually part of the equation.

As a company whose legend is steeped in lead­ership, in pushing boundaries and challenging the industry’s status quos, Boston Whaler takes innovation seriously. Each new boat comes with a promise to serve boaters’ needs, to perform admirably and to exceed the expec­tations of everyone who climbs aboard. New is about more than novelty, just as innovation is more than a buzzword—it’s possibility, brought to life.

So when Boston Whaler introduces a model deemed “Like No Other,” you know it’s going to be good: Meet the extraordinary 420 Out­rage, a true original and a Whaler through and through.

“The 420 Outrage marks a new chapter in the Boston Whaler legend,” said President Huw Bower. “The level of sophistication, comfort, performance and capability is unparalleled— truly, this is a boat like no other. We’re thrilled to introduce this spectacular new flagship to our proud lineup.”

Step onto the 420 Outrage and you’ll immedi­ately notice how well suited it is for enter­taining. Social zones throughout the boat are designed for the way people naturally gather and make use of space. Amenities for a variety of activities are readily accessible, right where you’d want them. Take, for example, the expan­sive bow area. Clever backrest configurations provide 360-degree seating around the large bow table, inviting easy conversation with a large group. An available sunshade easily deploys over the area, providing welcome protection from the sun even when anchored far from shore.

Another standout feature of the boat is its gra­cious cabin. Even the most vertically endowed passengers needn’t fear the dreaded “cave” ef­fect: With a whopping seven feet of headroom, the 420’s cabin offers superior comfort and an ideal place to escape from the elements—no stooping required. Ample skylights flood the area with natural light, and eye-level porthole windows add a sense of bringing the outdoors in.

In the V-berth, a large dining table makes this a perfect place to gather with friends over drinks or a game of cards, and a convenient galley and head mean everyone’s needs are well taken care of. Come nightfall, the table converts easily to become a double bed. Additional portside sleeping space and loads of storage increase capacity for easy overnighting. And with a choice of three interior finish packages, you can even outfit the cabin to match your personal style.

For cruising with a crowd, the helm area is another spot that boasts a uniquely advanced design. The zone accommodates up to six pas­sengers while underway, standing or sitting. An ergonomic actuated captain’s seat and dual for­ward-or-backward facing companion seats are accompanied by a spacious conversion bench, providing an entire second row of seating. When the action is in the cockpit, that comfort­able bench converts into a deluxe leaning post/ bait-prep center, or select the Summer Kitchen leaning post option for premium entertaining. Both well-equipped versions include an electric grill, loads of storage and more.

“The 420 Outrage breaks boundaries for cen­ter console capability,” said Jeff Vaughn, Boston Whaler vice president of sales, marketing and customer service. “It embodies a perfect balance of powerful offshore performance and exquisite onboard comfort. There is literally nothing else like it in the marketplace.”

One surefire way to enjoy this boat is to take the wheel. The 420 Outrage features not two, not three, but four 300-hp Mercury® Verado engines. Combine those powerful, efficient quads with breakthroughs including Shadow Mode Technology and Joystick Piloting and suddenly reining in all those horses is a cinch, and maneuvering into a tight slip is newly effortless. (Never again dread docking in front of an audience!) From your post at the helm, enjoy seamless command thanks to three state-of-the-art Raymarine® G Series screens and CZone Digital Switching Technology from Mastervolt. Through full integration of the boat’s electronics, CZone lets you monitor and control its various systems with the touch of a finger, via key fob or tablet.

And yet it’s the pedigree of the 420 Outrage that makes all this innovation worthwhile. Boston Whaler’s legendary construction guarantees a stable, dry ride in any condi­tions—whether your desire to brave big water is an every-weekend reality or a bucket-list item. The center console design affords easy 360-degree walkaround, with high sidewalls for added safety and peace of mind. The 420 was designed to break boundaries, sure, but it’s also made with respect to yours.

And because it’s an Outrage, you can count on serious sport-fishing capability: A well-outfit­ted leaning post offers several available con­figurations, including a fish-prep station with large work surfaces, ample gear storage and pressurized livewell. Plus, an optional upper station provides a superior vantage point for tracking game fish or soaking in views of the horizon.

“The 420 Outrage offers a new level of sophis­tication,” said Bower. “It’s a culmination of so many fundamental Whaler attributes: Unbeat­able safety and performance. Effortless style. Incredible versatility. Cutting-edge technology. It’s precisely those strengths that enable us to deliver something unique: the future of boat­ing, brought squarely into the present.” navigator-blog/like-no-other/


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