Azimut|Benetti Group is the world’s leading builder of motor yachts. Established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli, still the main shareholder, the Group is present in 70 countries and has a network of 138 sales and assistance offices, bringing together successful brands Az­imut Yachts and Benetti, each of which serves a different market segment.

Continuing to nurture the corporate culture established by Paolo Vitelli at the time of the company’s foundation, the Group still bases its strategic decisions on a set of fundamen­tal values: ongoing research and product/process innova­tion, a broad-based presence across all markets, and respect for the inbred ‘Italianess’ of its products, fully aware that their being ‘Made in Italy’ represents a fundamental added value and is one of the reasons why Azimut|Benetti products are unique, inimitable and so highly appreciated the world over.

“Building the most
beautiful, reliable,
technological, and
innovative yachts.
And providing
assistance anywhere,
and at any time.
That is our mission.”
Paolo Vitelli

The Group’s strategy, since the beginning, has always been to be highly international, which led the company to become the true Ambassador of the Italian yachting business all over the world. Particularly, in Asia, in the late Eighties, Azimut Yachts was presenting its models in a market that was just starting to develop, but that certainly was sensitive to the best Made in Italy design.

In addition to the sales net­work, Azimut|Benetti Group created a strong assistance network as well, in order to guarantee his customers a top service everywhere in the world.

Today, Azimut Yachts and Benetti represent the most well-known brands of the Italian yachting business in the world, and their leadership is guaranteed by the continuous innovation of their models and services.

The Group offers a huge range of motor yachts, with more than 45 models in production, from the smallest Sport Cruiser in the Azimut Atlantis Collec­tion at 34 feet to Benetti’s 100 meter superyachts. Each model addresses a specific segment in the market.

Azimut Yachts is the Azi­mut|Benetti Group brand that specialises in the production of various types of yacht, from 34 to 120 feet in length. The range is split into five collections: At­lantis, Flybridge, S, Magellano and Grande:

Azimut ATLANTIS Collection – Sport open yachts from 34 to 58 feet.

The Sport Cruisers in the At­lantis Collection are a combina­tion of pure sporting spirit and exquisitely Italian creativity. Performance and design make these models touchstones for those in search of authentic emotions of the highest quality.

Azimut FLYBRIDGE Collection – Flybridge motor yachts from 42 to 100 feet.

Azimut has been the leading brand on world yacht markets for decades now. So much so that when the talk turns to flybridges, it comes naturally to think of Azimut, of the agile but powerful muscularity of the hulls, of the big windows with unmistakable contours that flood below deck spaces with light, of fine materials, and of inventive living solutions that turn every cabin into a suite. The details are what make the comfort offered to the owner and their guests absolute. The broad range includes 13 differ­ent models from 40 to 100 feet in length.

Azimut S Collection – Sporty, fast and elegant yachts up to 77 feet.

The sporting pedigree is clear in the agile lines of this collec­tion, which combines elegance and comfort with innovative technology at the service of safety and the pleasure of life on board. The models in this collection celebrate the open-air life with the help of interiors featuring remarkable levels of livability and opening hard tops. The use of carbon fibre translates into excellent performance, without compro­mising on the need for plenty of space.

Azimut MAGELLANO Collection – Fast semi displacement yachts, ideal for long cruises, from 43 to 76 feet.

The models in this col­lection are for owners who love long voyages and cruising at sea. These semi displacement yachts with Dual Mode hulls have interi­ors designed around the concepts of comfort for long periods spent on board, respect for the environ­ment, and long range. Unique in the yachting world, the yachts in the Magellano Collection can act as either displacement or planing hulls in all sea conditions.

GRANDE Collection – Planing yachts from 95 to 120 feet, with the very highest standards of comfort and extensive custo­misation potential.

For owners who want a boat tailored to their desires. A team of technical and production experts works side-by-side with the owner to define every aspect of their yacht and walk them through the construc­tion process.

Azimut|Benetti boasts its own Research & Development centre, where over 20 engineers work exclusively on product and construction process innovation projects. Since 2008, many differ­ent projects have been under­taken with national and commu­nity government entities. The 3 projects currently underway are addressed to reducing structural weight, increasing hydrodynamic efficiency, reducing vibrations and the development of new antifouling coatings that limit environmental impact and hull friction. The know-how gained by the R&D centre is subsequently applied to series models.

Carbon fibre is already used extensively in series produced yachts today, where it is applied to entire superstructures to pro­vide more space on board while maintaining the yacht’s dynamic stability.

The R&D programmes are joined by important and exclusive technical partnerships, the most recent being between Benetti and Rolls Royce to design the inn